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Sighting at 25 yards
Sighting in at 50 yards
Pistol Shooting

Submit a video URL

This is for members ONLY! You can submit a HOSTED* video URL  for consideration to be displayed on the website members videos page.

All videos will be reviewed and approved and or rejected without any communication to the sender. If your video URL is submitted, and not seen within 10 days, please send an email to, and include your name, member status, and the video URL. We will ONLY respond in this way.

*= The video is hosted on a trusted and respected website: e.g – YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.

St. Mary’s-Blue Creek website will NOT host your video, this must be a URL from a trusted hosted source.

The videos displayed on this website are not owned, managed or produced by St. Mary’s-Blue Creek Conservation Club. All video’s will be subject to review and/or consideration by St. Mary’s-Blue Creek Conservation Club. If the language or content is determined to be unsuitable or inappropriate, the submitted video(s) will not be posted to the website. Any member submitting a video is expected to review any video and determine this before.

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